Girl with guitar from Eastern Europe

a story of my life

GUITAR - Valerija Kravale

LIVE in Berlin 2019

Guitar has been a part of my life since 2010. It all started back in Latvia with vocational studies at BJMK Private Music school and graduation in 2016 with audio-visual show. Later on, playing at corporate events, small concerts with a band all around Latvia brought me to decision of going abroad for new studies. Life has lead me to The Netherlands - a place that absolutely changed the way I feel about playing music. It was empowering to do it all by myself, perform with a looper and see how far I can push inner borders. In the end of 2017, I released my first EP "Stuck in Melancholy" , after which I went to Latvian tour in February, and later on - small European tour with concerts in London, Amsterdam, Brussels & Paris in May-June 2018.
Right now, I am continuing my music studies in Berlin, which is shaping my musical identity and guitar playing. My first album "Life goes on" was released in May 2019 and had received big attention from Russian community abroad. Project "Valerija Kravale" is closed since September 2019.


It was always 2 art media - one of them was quite visual. Being behind a camera was the way to express small daily routine, feelings about my mental health and later on, a research on the absurdism of bigger issues of sociology and psychology. For a while, I studied photography at Royal academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. What interested me most was either small scenes in daily life that I wanted to capture, or superficial world of fashion where I never felt I belonged. In 2016, I worked as a photographer for festivals (such as Student's paradise, RIGA and Laba Daba), corporate events, concerts & later on as a freelance product / fashion photographer. I have held 3 big exhibitions that were an importance for me - in 2016, "4 elements", the study of nature and human relation, and in 2017 - "Psychedelic evening", that was a huge success and in one evening was visited by 220 people. The name says it all in this case. Map of Portugal, 2019

My last expo was after volunteer work in Tanzania about education system in Dar es Salaam and held in Riga, Latvia in August 2018. Right now, I am using photography for my blog LIFE GOES ON. EAST and for some fashion shootings.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2018